Terms and conditions

Purchase order

By placing an order the customer accepts the terms and conditions in their entirety.

The personal data you provide are for the exclusive use, processing and subsequent delivery of the work. it will not be for any reason transferred to third parties.

The customer declares to be the owner of the rights to the musical material that asks to transfer from a phonographic support to another, in this case vinyl record or cassette, and to have rights to the duplication request for professional or/and private use (for back up, archive or other use) and for no other purpose of public distribution (free or for sale), Rec on Black relieves you from any liability related to the content of the audio master handed to him by the customer. In the case will be provided master covered by copyright, whether in whole or in part, Rec On Black is relieved from any liability arising from the consequences of any infringements by abuse of successive use for processing the Treaty audiovisual material. The customer who will complete and will sign the order assumes full responsibility for having acquitted, if they were required, with obligations under the right to force the author both domestically and in international with the protection of the rights (SIAE or equivalent) in fact raising the Rec On Black of Ottavio Leo properties not that Mr. Ottavio Leo same from any liability arising from the infringement of copyright laws.

The files that the customer will send for processing will be kept on archive, unless otherwise specified by the customer, for the exclusive processing period and then be deleted immediately.


Orders will be put into production only after receiving payment. The audio file will be sent by Wetransfer no later than 10 (ten) business days from the date of purchase. In the absence of receipt of the file, or if these differ from that stated in the order form, the latter shall be void.

Processing times

The processing times depend on several factors such as the overall engraving time and the number of copies, you can go from a minimum of two weeks to a maximum of six. The commencement of the term of the date of receipt of the audio files, as long as these are consistent with the statements during the purchase.


The shipment of manufactured sound carriers will be at the customer’s expense at the rate specified in the order. Rec On Black undertakes the packing of the goods in the safest way, but can not be held liable for any media damage during shipment or non-delivery as a result of loss. The finished product will be shipped to the customer and will be provided with a tracking number to monitor the status of their order.