Vinylrecorder T-560

Lathe engraver made entirely in Germany, one of a kind. For true lovers, this machine is a dream finally come true.

Argentini EP-6500 24 channels mixer

70's Modular analogue console, 24 channels entirely made in Italy by Livio Argentini, equipped with input transformers warm in sound and well defined, used mainly to mix the multitrack recordings.

Argentini Custom 8-channel mixer

Another analog console produced in the '70s by Livio Argentini. One piece, equipped with preamps and high-quality components, which characterizes the "sound" of RecOnBlack productions.

Sony APR 24 reel to reel tape recorder

24-track Sony analog 2-inch tape recorder of the latest generation. thanks to the powerful native synchronization system is able to interface fully in the digital domain. The sound of this machine is phenomenal.

Ampex AG440C reel to reel tape recorder

A 70's Superb 4-track recorder ½ inch. The channel modules are all made with great components. It is used primarily as a mastering machine. Records the stereo track on a tape 1/4 inch both as return L-R to reacquire in digital. fantastic sound.

Teac 80-8 reel to reel tape recorder

Recorder "reel-to-reel" in eight-track tape 1/2 ", main characteristic the compression / saturation of the tape.

Universal Audio LA-2A

With its natural compression and instant reduction of gain without distorted harmonics.

Neumann M 147 / TLM 103

Rec On Black studio is equipped with high-quality microphones for every application.

Mixer Argentini EP-6500
Mixer / Registratore analogico 8 tracce Tascam 388
Mixer Kleinstudiogerat KSG 625
Mixer Tascam M-308

Registratore a bobina Ampex 440C
Registratore a bobina Sony APR 24
Registratore a bobina Teac 80-8
Protools TDM
Digidesign 888/24 x 2
Digidesign 16/22
Protools 10 Native


Universal Audio LA-2A


SM Pro Audio
Audio Tecnica
SE Electronics

Electric Guitars
Fender Stratocaster 1966
Fender Jaguar Made in USA
Eko Rocket VI
Orlando Star Tooth

Electric Bass Guitars
Fender Jazz Bass (frassino)
Rickenbacker 4001 1978
Fender Bass VI

Steinway and Sons Mezza Coda

Synth and keyboards
Roland Juno 6
Simmons SD9
Yamaha DX7


Analog effect pedals
Boss: FZ-2/ODB-3/DD-5/CEB-3/CS-3/DD-20/BD-2/SD-1
Mxr: Microamp / Phase 90
Vox: Wha Wha / Valvetone / Distorsion Booster
Artec: Analog Dealy
Pearl: FG01 / PH03
Electro Harmonix: Big Muff / Octave Multiplayer / Memory Man / Small Clone
Orlando: Soul Driver
Calrsbro: Mantis

Guitar Amplifiers
Vox AC30
Fender Pro Reverb Silverface 1973
Fender Champion 600

Bass Guitar Amplifiers
Trace elliot GPS7M 200